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Twitter rips on ST Kamkwatange’s Birthday Party

From a small house party-esque attendance, to a disfigured looking cake, ST Kamkwatange’s birthday was one to forget.

The Amarok themed party was supposed to be a great spectacle and the birthday boy probably anticipated a big crowd when he moved the event to a bigger venue but it didn’t go even nearly as anticipated.

For one, the attendance was so disappointing, with not more than 30 people showing up. It looked a lot more like a small house party than the bash it was expected to be. The cake was also a disaster. It was supposed to be customized to look like his fave’ car, the VW Amarok, but it looked more like a misshapen version of it.

One of the performers showed however, as Exit showed impeccable professionalism to put on a show for the small crowd.

The internet did not go easy on him though.

Poor guy…at least he has all that cake.


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