Dillish and Meriam Kaxuxwena exchange blows

This past week was full of drama as local supermodel Meriam Kaxuxwena and BBA winner and businesswoman Dillish Mathews got in an altercation.

The incident took place at Pharaohs club and it is believed to have rooted from an Instagram the two had a month ago, where Meriam spopke about being with Dillish’s boyfriend, soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor and Dillish invited Meriam to fight her but she was out of the country.

Dillish didn’t let up a month later when they met in the club when accompanied by her friend Dj Seboa, they made their way to Meriam, and put their hands on her. According to an eyewitness, Dillish and Seboa made their way to Meriam’s couch, sat next to her and then snatched of her wig, and threw her off the couch. During the altercation, they broke her IPhone Xmax Plus and her nails. Dillish and her friend were bounced out twice but still managed to return and inflict more violence.

Meriam is now pressing charges as she apparently informed them she was not up to it. Both are out of the country now, with Meriam in South Africa and Dillish all the way across the continent in Nigeria, possibly letting things cool or blow over.

Not a nice thing to see from some of the nation’s role models. 


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