Take Charge Nam calls on celebrities and Influencers to educate the nation on COVID19

The COVID 19 pandemic has ravaged the world since its first case on 31 December 2019 and non-profit organisation Take Charge Nam has called on celebrities to help educate the nation.

The likes of Tate Buti, Adora and Top Cheri have been called on to use their star power in an effort to raise awareness. The non-profit aims to educate people on preventive and appropriate actions to take towards the virus.

The has recorded over 350 000 positive cases which have led to over 15 000 deaths. Namibia has recorded its first case when a Romanian couple tested positive earlier this month. It was since announced that they have recovered but two more cases have been confirmed since then.

The Take Charge Ambassadors are recognisable by rocking t-shirts with the “Ïf You’re Reading This You Are Too Close” tag.

The CORVID-19 hotline is 0800100100


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