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Top 10 Namibian Instagram accounts

#1 will surprise you


10.  Sally

Got bullied by 2police officers today ..stood alone but I'm ok.#myblack

A post shared by Sally Boss Madam (@sally_boss_madam) on

9. Pombili Shilongo

U r the Light unto the world…shine?

A post shared by Pombili Shilongo (@pombili_shilongo) on

8. Meriam Kaxuxwena

7. The Dogg

6. Gazza

Tonight we rock Keetmashoop and then Luderitz tomorrow #467

A post shared by G A Z Z A ?? (@gazza467) on

5. Kat Rickyy

why not ? #me

A post shared by katukula (@kat_rickyy) on

4. Luis Munana

3. Maria Nepembe

He shoots. He scores.

A post shared by Maria *RIA* Nepembe (@marianepembe) on

2. Dillish Mathews

1. Behati Prinsloo


A post shared by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on


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