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Young T accuses King Tee Dee of juju

They have come to be known as some of the best of pals in the industry but now there is trouble in the Mshasho stable as Young T accuses King Tee Dee of getting to him the juju way.

The “Namtenya” singer took to Instagram in a series of posts claiming that various traditional healers have informed him that the Mshasho boss is gunning for him spiritually. What led to him visiting the healers isn’t clear but according to his rant, he is certain that it is Tee Dee harassing him.


The Ongha native went on claiming that the King has threatened to kill him. Many fans took light of the situation with one even joking that Mshasho’s latest signee Kaboy Kamakili could be next.


King Tee Dee has ignored the allegations and has just been promoting his 28.09.19 event.

The biggest question is whether their friendship is redeemable…


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