Autohaus distances itself from ST Kamkwatange’s birthday party

He’s riding the wave of a viral video he posted weeks ago but Volkswagen does not want any part of it as they dismissed any official involvement in ST Kamkwatange’s birthday bash.

Volkswagen’s biggest dealer Autohaus has distanced itself from the celebrations of perhaps one of the now most famous VW Amarok owners’ birthday celebrations. The dealers publicly distanced themselves and denied any official involvement from the festivities.

ST Kamukwatange, a proud Amarok owner has offered special treatment for fellow Amarok owners at what is promising to be a memorable event in more ways than one. With performances fro the likes of Exit and great PR it would seem, some may wonder why the German car manufactures are distancing themselves from the event.

The most obvious reason is the very same one that had the advertising poster has come under scrutiny: for offering skimpily dressed women free entry, and in the midst of revolt from the nation for the increase in rape and violence towards women. It looks like Autohaus does not want any involvement in objectifying them.

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4 Days to Go☝️🍾

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Great move Autohaus.



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